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Helen has acquired an extensive range of technical and management experience in her 25 years in engineering; working in the defence, oil & gas and healthcare sectors. She has had several high-profile clients including the NHS where, during the COVID outbreak, she was contracted to identify and enlist over 1000 engineers to support the NHS Clinical Engineering services at Nightingale hospitals across the UK. Through The Care Machine, Helen offers technical support and advice to industry and academia on subjects such as design & manufacturing processes as well as project, risk & quality management. 

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Project Management

Helen knows how hard it is not just to imagine an idea, but to design it, develop it and turn it into something successful. She has delivered multi-million pound contracts in both the UK and overseas; administering all commercial, financial, technical and quality aspects of a projects. Helen is driven to empower people to contribute to projects by bringing them together and drawing out their problem-solving abilities.

Helen is available as a project manager or as an independent design authority.

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Risk & Quality Management

Working in Critical Requirement industries has given Helen a comprehensive understanding of risk evaluation and the high-quality standards needed to deliver life-saving products and services. 

Helen can be engaged to evaluate project risks and quality management processes.

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Engineering Better Care Academy

In partnership with the University of Cambridge, Helen is co-founder of the Engineering Better Care Academy, an inclusive learning organisation enabling widespread use of a unique and comprehensive Toolkit designed to address challenges in healthcare by applying Systems Thinking & engineering improvement processes.  The EBC Academy works to accelerate collaboration and create positive engagement among business teams, clinical practitioners and key stakeholders through masterclasses and workshop programmes.


For more information on the EBC Academy click here.

Clients include Nottingham Trent University, King’s College London, ICE, University of Cambridge

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