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Important Info

Why should you work with Helen & The Care Machine?

  • Benefit from 25 years of accumulated experience and knowledge in engineering and healthcare.

  • Pay for what you need without committing to long-term contracts through our ‘work package’ process.

  • Access to a well-established network of trusted suppliers, collaborators, and associates in one place.

  • Access to collaborative work anytime through The Care Machine’s own Office 365 service.

  • The company is based in Leicestershire and as such has good access to the road and rail network for travel to most parts of the country. Helen is always happy to travel to your location, but will elect to work remotely if it is the more sustainable and efficient option.  The Care Machine Ltd uses MS Teams for most of its online meetings but can also use Zoom and most other webinar services.

Polite Requests

  • Please settle your account within 14 days as stipulated on The Care Machine Ltd invoice. This is a polite request to recognise that Helen is a small business owner and is not in a position to wait 30 days plus for payment.

  • When booking Helen for a conference, keynote or hosting role, please ensure you provide at least 3 months’ notice. Helen wants to give her clients her undivided attention and always tailors her talks to each client, this requires a reasonable amount of time to prepare. 

  • Presentation slides can be provided in advance and notice of this requirement should be given at the time of booking.

  • All material provided by Helen and the Care Machine is the intellectual property of The Care Machine Ltd and SHOULD NOT BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION.

  • If you require photos of Helen or Care Machine Logos to promote your event you can download them here

  • Helen is well practiced with AV setups at conferences and meetings and can work with headset, lavalier and radio mics. She generally carries all the equipment she needs for each event, but if you are unsure about your set-up then please contact Helen in advance to discuss. Helen prefers to present from a lectern and would appreciate if you could arrange for one, if not please let her know.


  • All additional costs for materials will be agreed in advance and provided as expenses, this will include the cost of printed materials for use in a workshop or masterclass.

Travel & Subsistence

For half-day and single full-day contacts:

  • The Care Machine includes expenses for breakfast (for early start days), lunch and evening meal (where a late finish is expected) in the company’s standard rates.

  • If an overnight stay is required either before or after the event, then this will be agreed in advance as an additional expense.

  • Car travel is charged at 45p per mile.

  • Taxi travel up to £40 is included in the company’s standard rates.

  • Rail travel tickets up to £150 is included in the company’s standard rates.

  • The Care Machine will look to find the most effective and sustainable form of transport to and from your event. This may include air travel and this will be agreed during the contracting stage.


Contracts beyond one full day:

  • If Helen is expected to work away from home for more than one night, a subsidy of £50 per day for food and drink will be included in the contract.

  • Car travel is charged at 45p per mile.

  • Rail travel tickets will be included in the submitted expenses.

  • Taxi travel will be included in the submitted expenses.

  • Air travel, inside the UK, economy class will always be the default option. If Helen is required to start work or be in attendance at your event immediately on arrival The Care Machine Ltd will book business class for Helen. This is not to incur unnecessary costs but to ensure Helen is well-rested and able to get straight down to work.

  • For contracts beyond one day in length, all other receipts will be submitted on a weekly basis. 

Mutual Understanding & Respect

Helen and by extension, The Care Machine deeply care about the talented people they work with. Bearing this in mind we respectfully ask you to consider the following when looking to work with us:

  • Please ensure you pay your speakers and panelists for their contributions to your event, their travel expenses and tickets and for the time they take to prepare for it. Time and experience all cost money and by not paying them fairly they will often say no to taking part, reducing the opportunity for others to hear what they have to say.

  • Please ensure you consider the diversity of your speakers, panelists and hosts and be as inclusive as possible. Stories and insight from across the whole of society can have a profound effect on political debate and technological innovation.

  • Please do not sell on the data of your speakers and panelists to other organisations. While they are very much aware of their public status, they do also value their privacy and data protection. Think before passing this information on.

  • Please ensure there is a Code of Conduct accessible to all attending your event. Speakers and guests do expect spaces that are safe and inclusive for everyone.

  • Please ensure your conference or event location is accessible. Those with hidden disabilities, like Helen, are often forgotten about resulting in feeling isolated and embarrassed.

  • If you can, please consider offering tickets or discount to marginalised people that might not otherwise be able to attend your event.

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