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The Evolution of The Care Machine

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Enhancing the Human Touch – The Evolution of The Care Machine

I had the privilege of meeting one of my childhood heroes in April 2017; Professor Heinz Wolff. It was at a healthcare conference, he was 89, frail but his mind was still as agile and vibrant as always. He had lost his wife to dementia in 2014 and despite his continued determination to inspire the biotechnology community, he realised that no amount of innovation or advancement in technology could replace the care which came from human contact; that there was, he said "no such thing as a Care Machine".

Professor Wolff passed away just nine months later, but that statement stayed with me. I have spent all my working life creating solutions to problems; helping people and companies implement technology to improve our lives and our environment. Yet the thought that despite our best efforts, technology may not always be the best solution, made me consider how we might combine sympathetic care and effective medtech. In 2018 I realised there was a solution to Professor Wolff's conundrum, and it had been there all along. The Care Machine was born.


Today The Care Machine is dedicated to ensuring that technology is at the forefront of our healthcare service provision.

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